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Caramel Sweet Soup with Banana Recipe (Chè Caramel Chuối)

Today, my cousin cooked one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes which I have ever known. It is called Caramel Sweet Soup with Banana (Chè Caramel Chuối). This dessert is really amazing when eating in hot days. Especially, it can combine with banana, one of fruits I really love eating. Moreover, I bet your kids will fall in love this dessert.
Caramel Sweet Soup with Banana

So, do you want to cook for your family? If you are ready to cook one of Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, please follow our instructions below carefully.


- Sweet Soup: 5 yolks + 100gr sugar + 30gr corn starch + 2 banana + 500ml fresh milk (no sugar) + 40gr butter (you can use salty butter)
- Sauce: 80gr brown sugar + 40gr butter + 80ml milk cream.
- 2 banana.


Step 1: Mix 5 yolks + corn starch + minced banana together. Stir well, then add a little milk and continue to stir. We call it is Mixture A.

Step 2: Mix all milk left + sugar together, boil with small heat about 5 – 8 minutes. Next, pour mixture A into pot and boil with medium heat about 3 – 5 minutes.


Step 3: Next, add butter into pot and continue boil until butter melts all. Here is the last step to make sweet soup, one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Then, put this mxiture in fridge to make cold.

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