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Fried Rice with Vegetable and Seafood Recipe (Cơm Rang Thập Cẩm)

With a little chance from fried rice, you will create one of stunning Vietnamese Dish Recipes for Christmas Meal. It is called Fried Rice with Vegetable and Seafood (Cơm Rang Thập Cẩm). You can decorate this dish into Christmas tree before serving. I bet your family will excited a lot, especially your kids. It is not delicious, but also really eye- catching. Eating this dish with hot soup in the special night will help the relationship in your family warmer and closer.
Fried Rice with Vegetable and Seafood (Cơm Rang Thập Cẩm)
And now, are you ready to make one of amazing Vietnamese Dish Recipes from us? If you still cannot list any meal for your Christmas Night, this is the good choice. You will not regret about your decision. Please follow carefully our instructions below and let us start now.


1 big bowl boiled rice
1 carrot
3 eggs
300gr fresh shrimps
1 -2 fresh corns
1 big slice Vietnamese Ham (Giò Lụa) – Buy at Vietnamese Markets
Spices: Salt, sugar, pepper, garlic, scallion, Maggi’s stuff
50gr green peas (optional)
Clean nylon bag.


Step 1: Peel off the cover of corns, clean and separate seeds and core. Bring corn seeds to boil with hot water about 10 minutes. Slice Vietnamese Ham into small cubes. Peel off the cover of carrot, clean and slice into cubes. Then, soak sliced carrot into hot water about 5 – 6 minutes and wait to dry. Clean scallion, slice small.

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