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Milk Cow Cookies Recipe (Bánh Quy Bò Sữa)

New Year is coming soon. I think you should make some cute cookies for your kids in this special day. I bet they will love it. It is called Milk Cow Cookies (Bánh Quy Bò Sữa), one of delicious Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. It is not only delicious, but also really eye catching. Sometime, I do not want to eat these cookies. They are so cute.
Milk Cow Cookies (Bánh Quy Bò Sữa).
So, are you ready to make your New Year Day more colorful and delicious? If you do want to make one of delicious Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, please follow carefully our instruction below. And let us start cooking now.


*** For milk part of cookies:
120gr wheat flour
25gr milk powder
100gr butter
1 yolk
60ge icing sugar
5ml vanilla flour.

*** For chocolate part of cookies:
20gr chocolate powder
100gr butter
120gr wheat flour
60gr icing sugar
1 yolk
Mould (Cow Shape).


Step 1: Firstly, for making milk parts of cookies, you add wheat flour + icing sugar + yolk + vanillaI told above and mix well.

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