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Bánh Đúc with Coconut Milk and Grinded Pork Recipe

One of my best favor Vietnamese Food Recipes from childhood is Bánh Đúc with Coconut Milk and Grinded Pork (Bánh Đúc Nước Cốt Dừa với Thịt Xay). My mom usually cooks this dish for my breakfast meals. Its flavor is so amazing especially for me. Bánh Đúc does not have English Name. This cake is the best cakes in Middle Area, Vietnam. It made from non-glutinous rice flour or corn flour. It is white and has soft texture and milk flavor. You should eat it with Dipping Sauce. I bet you will totally fall in love with it. When you have a chance to visit Vietnam, make sure you will skip this stunning dish.
Bánh Đúc with Coconut Milk and Grinded Pork 
However, you can make it at your sweet home, especially in weekends. I bet they will love it a lot. If you want, please follow our instruction below carefully to create one of spectacular Vietnamese Food Recipes for your beloved family.


*** For Cake:
140gr rice flour
20gr tapioca flour
1 teaspoon salt
350ml water
150 – 200ml coconut milk
10ml vegetable oil.

*** For Filling:
150gr grinded pork meat
100gr fresh shrimp
1 -2 jelly’s ear mushrooms
7 Shiitake mushrooms
½ Onion, peeled and slice small
Fish sauce, pepper
Vietnamese Mint, Scallion, Coriander
Minced garlic, chili and purple onion.
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