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Vietnamese Sour Pho Noodle (Phở Chua)

Vietnamese Sour Pho Noodle (Phở Chua) is a cool dish which is interested in summer and winter. ThisVietnamese Food Pho was only cooked in the party; it now is a daily meal for every people. Sour Pho is delicious because of the toughness of noodles, the sweet of pork’s liver, bacon, duck and sausage. It usually is eaten with herbs and sour sauce.
Vietnamese Sour Pho Noodle (Phở Chua)
There are many style of cooking this Vietnamese Food Pho. However, one delicious sour Pho must contains 6 main ingredients: noodles, sour sauce, pickles, soya sauce, peanuts and Northern sauce. The noodles are made from rice and by handmade. To have a delicious noodles, you need to choose the “pink’s rice” which is mostly planted in the North West area. The sour sauce is taken from the pickles’ jar.
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