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Scrolling Bamboo with Chicken Recipe (Măng Cuộn Thịt Gà)

Scrolling Bamboo with Chicken (Măng Cuộn Thịt Gà) is one of stunning Vietnamese Chicken Recipes. The combination of bamboo, and chicken will bring you the strange taste, but strongly delicious. I bet if you have family and kids, your children will love it.
Scrolling Bamboo with Chicken (Măng Cuộn Thịt Gà)
If you want to cook, there are 4 steps to cook one of impressive Vietnamese Chicken Recipes. The instruction we provide to you is very easy and simple, just doing all the steps we give, you will have a delicious dish for your family. Please follow these ingredients and steps carefully.


- 1 bunch of bamboo root
- 2 pieces of chicken breast fillets
- 1 egg
- 3 tablespoons minced scallion
- 3 tablespoons chopped Vietnamese mint
- 2 teaspoons maggi’s stuff
- ½ teaspoon of pepper
- 50gr Scallions
- Chili sauce.


Step 1: This step is the most important to cook one of Vietnamese Chicken Recipes more delicious. Let us do this carefully.

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