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Fried Taro with Pork Recipe (Khoai Sọ Bọc Thịt Chiên Xù)

In winter, enjoy one perfect dish will bring an amazing feeling for your whole family. Today, I will introduce one of stunning Vietnamese Pork Recipes for you. It is called Fried Taro with Pork (Khoai Sọ Bọc Thịt Chiên Xù). You can use this dish with boiled rice or just only it with chili sauce. It is really crispy and will create a spectacular flavor in your mouth. Moreover, I bet your kids will love eating it as well.
Fried Taro with Pork (Khoai Sọ Bọc Thịt Chiên Xù)
So, are you ready to cook one of amazing Vietnamese Pork Recipes like this dish? If you want, please follow our instructions below carefully. I make sure that you will not regret about your decision. Let us cook now.


2 – 3 Taro
250gr Grinded Pork
2 – 3 Jelly’s ear mushrooms
1 – 2 Eggs
300gr Panko Bread Crumb
Spices: Fish sauce, pepper, Maggi’s stuff, salt, sugar, dried purple onion.


Step 1: Soak Jelly’s ear mushroom into cold water, then cut off the root, slice small.

Step 2: Mix grinded pork + 1 teaspoon fish sauce + 1 teaspoon salt + ½ teaspoon Maggi’s stuff + pepper + dried purple onion together, mix well. And wait about 30 – 45 minutes.
Step 3: You can choose to steam or boil Taro. Next, peel off cover, use spoon to mash them.
Step 4: Here is the main step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Pork Recipes from us. Add sliced Jelly’s ear mushroom + mashed taro + 1 teaspoon fish sauce + 1 teaspoon salt + pepper into grinded pork bowl. Mix together. (Mixture A).
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