Thứ Tư, 5 tháng 12, 2012

Carp Fish Soup with Bamboo Recipe (Canh Cá Chép Nấu Măng)

With many familiar Vietnamese Soup Recipes last time, today I will give an amazing dish for you and your family. It is Carp Fish Soup with Bamboo (Canh Cá Chép Nấu Măng). I bet your kids will fall in love with it when using with boiled rice. Winter is coming soon. Enjoy this dish with your beloved family will give an amazing feeling for you.
Carp Fish Soup with Bamboo (Canh Cá Chép Nấu Măng)
If you want to cook, please follow instructions below carefully to create one of amazing Vietnamese Soup Recipes from us. Let us do this stunning dish together, there are 5 steps are waiting for us. Try it now


- 1 small carp fish (500g)
- 200-300g sour cement (bamboo shoots)
- 2 tomatoes
- Several branch of scallions
- 1 small bunch of dill
- 1 small pepper, cut in small pieces, remove seeds
- Little oil
- Fish sauce, maggi’s stuff


Step 1: Carp fish clean, cut into double or Triple Square

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