Thứ Năm, 10 tháng 1, 2013

Sa Đéc Town - Wildlife Habitant

Last week, I and my friends in Ho Chi Minh City had a trip to Sa Dec which is one of Vietnam Popular Destinations. After 3 hours on motorbike, we came to Sa Dec. In my opinion, Sa Dec has changed a lot from the road to people, but the historian construction still remained.
Many Lotus Flowers are in this Town
The first place we came is our old friends from high school’s time. They looked so happy, we talked and share many things. They invited us staying at their home to have dinner with them. Before the dinner’s time, we drove motorbike to see the town’s view. When driving around the city, we chose the center park of thetown. Dissimilarity with other park we have seen, the park has special and different things from the bench, trees, and statues to the atmosphere and the lake. They are designed harmony to attract the customers. The local people usually come there for walking and we took some photos to remember that place.
The next place we visited is the Kim Hue’s pagoda; one of Vietnam Popular Destinations about pagoda in Sa Dec. this pagoda has a very beautiful and impressive architect. Next to the pagoda is Cái Sơn’s channel, some arc bridge like the moon and willow trees live on the shore which makes the channel more beautiful. We took some pictures and continue our trip. When the sunshine is off, it is the time of boat and ship doing activities. We had to stop the trip and came back our friends’ home due to we were so hungry. We were so pleasure with the crab’s hot pot. After the diner, we went back the hotel for the break to prepare for next trip.

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