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Hue City - The Ancient City of Vietnam

From many  interesting Vietnam Popular Destinations, we can not miss this place. Hue is a city which is filled mostly by trees, so the weather here is very cool, fresh and quiet. However, the city is not less busy and crowded than others. The city now has many hotels and restaurants which provide full of service for customers such as food and accommodation. Each year, the city celebrates the fantastic festival to introduce the Vietnamese traditional food, flowers, trees, kite flying and Vietnamese traditional costumes. Throughout the city, the ancient tombs, temples and gardens of age with a few hundred years old are still preserved.
In this article, we would like to share the movement, entertainment place and delicious food here. So you can take the easily way to travel one more Vietnam Popular Destinations.

1) Movement: 

There are two airlines from Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi to Hue.
*** From Ho Chi Minh City to Hue: there is one airline is Vietnam Airlines
*** From Ha Noi to Hue : there are two airlines are Vietnam Airlines and Jet Star Pacific.
You can come here by train or high quality bus.

2) Hotels and Resorts  in Hue:

The city does not have complex streets system like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. So the tourists can easily find out the streets there. We would like recommend some number hotels which are stayed on Le Loi Street, Ngo Quyen Street, Nguyen Tri Phuong Street and Hung Vuong Street to you. Do not worry about the price there; you just spend nearly 200,000 VND or $10 for the average room which has 2 beds on one night. The quality of the room is quite acceptable. So you can stay here for a long time to visit the all landscapes there

3) The restaurants and entertainment place in Hue:

When you visit Hue, you should rent a motorbike to explore the ancient palace and other attracting areas at the central city. The other tours like Thien Mu pagoda, TuDuc, Minh Mang and KhaiDinh tomb which is away the city only 5-15 km. The price is only from 80,000VN to 120,000 or $5 or $7 which is depended on the trip. Or you can take the tour with Xe Om or Xich Lo which are two amazing transportation of Vietnam.

Moreover, you can see more interesting place at the central of city:

+ Ancient Palace: this was a palace for more than 140 years from 1805 to 1945 of Nguyen Dynasty. Now the palace is belong to Co Do Hue monuments which is recognition by UNESSCO. Therefore, it is one of main reason of tourists when visiting Hue. Moreover, there have been many archaeologies and historians come there to research more information the history and architecture. So it is one of Vietnam Popular Destinations that attract millions of tourists.

Ancient Palace
+ Dong Ba Market: the biggest market in Hue and has a long harrowing and heroic history. The market was destroyed many times during the war time, but it still keeps the main structure and custom. It is now the main supporter of most restaurants and hotels in Hue.

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