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New Style of Fried Rice Recipe (Cơm Chiên Kiểu Mới)

Getting boring with your daily meals? You want to change it for your family? From many amazingVietnamese Dish Recipes, today I will introduce New Style of Fried Rice (Cơm Chiên Kiểu Mới) to all you guys. It does not take much time for cooking. If you are busy person, I think it is really suitable. Moreover, you can make it at home and bring to school or work. I bet when your friends see that, they will want to eat it.
New Style of Fried Rice (Cơm Chiên Kiểu Mới)
So, are you ready to make one of stunning Vietnamese Dish Recipes with us now? With many simple ingredients and easy to find around your place, I think you will love for cooking it. If you do want, please follow our instruction below carefully.


2 bowls boiled rice
1 carrot
1 green bell pepper
2 Sausages
1 Egg
15gr Wheat flour.


Step 1: Peel off the cover of carrot; clean it with bell pepper. Next, mince them and bring to fry in hot oil with a little salt and pepper. If you love shrimp or pork, you can use it. Grind them before bring to fry with vegetables.

Step 2: Mix all mixture (in step 1) with boiled rice. Next, roll boiled rice into long parts. Use your hand to press gently, then add sausage on the center and cover carefully.

Step 3: Then, roll boiled rice through wheat flour and bring to soak into egg which is stirred.

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