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Fried Salmon with Quail Egg Filling Recipe (Cá Hồi Bọc Trứng Cút)

Do you love salmon? Are you getting bored with old cooking ways? Today, I will show you one of delicious Vietnamese Fish Recipes. It is called Fried Salmon with Egg Quail Filling (Cá hồi Chiên Bọc Trứng Cút). You can eat as a snack or using with boiled rice is all great. As you may know, salmon not only is delicious, but also is good for health, especially for your eyes.
Fried Salmon with Quail Egg (Cá Hồi Chiên Bọc Trứng Cút)
I always tell you that let eat well and live well with us. You not only can create many stunning dishes, but also can take care of your own health. So, if you are ready to cook one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes like this one, please follow carefully our instruction below. Let us start cooking right now.


200gr salmon fillet
12 quail eggs
3 yolks
200gr wheat flour
100gr bread crumb
Spices: salt, sugar, pepper, Maggi’s stuff.


Step 1: Boil quail eggs until they are cooked. Wait to get cool and peel off the cover.

Step 2: Mix salmon fillet with pepper, salt and sugar. Wait about 30 minute. Separate into 12 small balls.

Step 3: Roll quail eggs through wheat flour

Step 4: Use your hand and press salmon ball thinly. Next, add quail egg on the center and cover into circle shape. Continue until you finish 12 balls.

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