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Fried Chicken with Coconut Meat Recipe (Gà Chiên Xù Vị Dừa)

Have you ever thought the combination between chicken and coconut meat? Today, I will introduce one of amazing Vietnamese Chicken Recipes from our country. It is called Fried Chicken with Coconut Meat (Gà Chiên Xù Vị Dừa). The sweetness from chicken meat and coconut meat will great a stunning flavor when eating. Do not miss the chance to change your daily meals with this dish for your beloved family. Serving with boiled rice is always the good choice for whole Vietnamese meals.
Fried Chicken with Coconut Meat (Gà Chiên Xù Vị Dừa)
If you are gourmet, I think you can make one of stunning Vietnamese Chicken Recipes like this dish for yourself and your family. The weather is still freezing; this dish can be a good choice for your meal. Do you agree with me? If you say Yes, please follow carefully my instructions below and let us start cooking right now.


400gr chicken meat (fillet), cleaned and sliced into long pieces.
2 eggs
50gr wheat flour
100gr coconut meat, cleaned and sliced small
100gr bread crumb
50gr curry flour + garlic flour.


Step 1: Mix bread crumb + sliced coconut meat with 1:1 together. Then, add more curry flour + garlic flour and mix well.

 Step 2: Roll chicken through mixture flour (in step 1). Make sure flour will cover all meat.

Step 3: Next, soak immediately into egg which is stirred. To increase the flavor for one of stunningVietnamese Chicken Recipes, you can add more spices into egg before soaking chicken meat into.

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